McNeice’s Interest-Based Website

The newest exciting feature on this website is The Values Sharing Circle – be sure to check it out on the menu!

This website also contains historical and genealogical items of interest to Julie & Lorne McNeice, currently living in South-Central Manitoba in Canada, on the family farm where my mother was raised.

I took an interest in genealogy quite a number of years ago, however living and working in the NWT I never knew how to pursue it, nor had the time. It is since I retired and moved to Southern Manitoba that I’ve had both time and resources to pursue my genealogical passion. That, and reconnection with a childhood friend that further fueled my passion for genealogy and local history!

Lorne originates from a farm near Lumsden, Saskatchewan where he was raised. He spent all of this adult life in Canada’s arctic, where Lorne was a Legal Land Surveyor and party chief, traipsing and living for weeks on end on the tundra and in all regions of the arctic. Lorne’s last position was as Surveyor-General North for Natural Resources Canada.

Back Way Home

Lorne has always been keen on the outdoors and has spent much time hunting. He is starting to tell stories of his adventures which will be posted as they are brought to light. We have re-written our buffalo hunt which is our latest post. It can also be found under this menu.

When on one of my genealogical adventures I discovered that Lorne’s two great uncles became teamsters during the 1885 Northwest Rebellion. They were captured, and held captive by Chief Poundmaker’s band for 10 days. We have added as much historical information about that adventure as we’ve managed to find thus far. If you’re into Saskatchewan history you’ll probably enjoy those pages.

An exciting blog post is about our Buffalo Hunt Adventure in the Northwest Territories in Canada’s Arctic in 1996 – be sure to read it!