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The Dyck’s of Waldheim Post – January 2019

The Dyck’s of Waldheim

I am priviledged to have an article about the Julius T. Dyck’s of Waldheim published in the 2018 issue of “Preservings” magazine, which came out in mid-December of this year. The article is reprinted in its entirety, link below.

The Waldheim log house which was built by my Great-grandfather Julius T. Dyck is in the Mennonite Heritage Museum at Steinbach, Manitoba. It underwent renovations in the last two years and is now complete.

In order to assure that the Mennonite Heritage Museum had the most accurate information on the Dyck family that built and provided the log house they call the Waldheim house for the museum our family contributed news articles, pictures, and then a comprehensive interview towards preserving this heritage. I thank all the Dyck family members that contributed to this effort, and especially Hughie that helped me conduct an interview with available family members. Thanks also to Andrea Dueck who organized and arranged to come down and participate in the interview.

This is a view of the restoration complete Dyck log house known as the Waldheim House located at the Mennonite Heritage Museum in Steinbach, Manitoba

We have also recently had Great-grandfather Julius T. Dyck’s tombstone straightened and re-engraved. A big thanks to Hilcrest Memorials for their excellent work at preserving it.

Above: The Julius Dyck tombstone at Waldheim Cemetery near Morden, Manitoba, Canada

The caretakers of the Waldheim Cemetery are asking for small donations for the upkeep of the cemetery made payable to Waldheim Cemetery and sent to:

John Friesen
Box 2123
Morden, MB  R6M 1B8

They advise:

Just a little note about the Waldheim Cemetery. This site is very well taken care of, but that does cost some money. Waldheim is a community cemetery so many families have relatives there. The funds for the upkeep have been sufficient till now. But with the older people passing away, the younger relatives are not donating. This year the fence needs replacing, which is an added expense. I took it upon myself to fundraise a bit to help the cause. If you have family buried there, could you send a small donation? Thanks (written by Norman Hildebrand).

The Link to access The Dyck’s of Waldheim article here

Note: This article is also published in

The Plett Foundation Preservings Magazine 2018