This site contains information and sources for the David Scantland family. David Elie (1877-1972) is the great-grandfather of my children, who were born Tanya and David Scantland.

There are quite a number of other families that married into this Scantland family; included are names Thibault, Sevigny, Leduc, LeBreton, Byras, Souliére, Ledoucéur to name a few. If I receive information or family connections for any of these families, they will be added to my “Legacy Program” file.

The Scantland’s originated from Ireland, so although I haven’t been able to make connections in Ireland I would welcome information on that as well. What is known is that Mark was born in 1795 in Ireland and settled in Quebec. He married a Catharine Baron who was born in Laval and died in Quebec City. They were married on June 6, 1820 in Montreal.

Mark’s great-grandson David Elie is the Scantland that moved out to Val Marie, Saskatchewan area and settled down with his wife Anna Leduc, who was from Escanaba, Michigan. Every time she was due in childbirth, she went back home to the United States and that’s where their children were born.

I welcome further information and to connect with distant “cousins” of this Scantland family.

Listed below are the occasional informational posts about the Scantland’s:

Scantland Booklet & Family Tree

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