My Grandfather, David H. Peters, bought the land we currently live on in 1928. It is 10 acres of land nestled in the Pembina Hills here in Southern Manitoba. We live just underneath Allard’s Point, the highest most point in our part of the Pembina Hills, from where Aboriginal peoples commuted with their others. John Palliser and his early explorers camped “at the base of Allard’s Point” as did the Northwest Mounted Police in 1872. Close by as well was the Pembina Mountain Depot, mentioned in French’s Diary on the Northwest Mounted Police’s trip West in that year.

I have not done a great deal of genealogical research into my Peters family, although that’s not to say I don’t have any research material, however I would be delighted to connect with someone who has done more.

In memory of my Mother Susan (Peters) Dyck