Kroeker Postcards

Kroeker Car Postcard:

January 23rd, 1925

Dear Brother (or sister):

I sent yesterday a pair apple and a pair handful nuts. If their freight (or customs) is not worth it, I know you can get it cheaper at your place (before you get it let the people keep it). I only sent it out of love while the small picture you sent meant a lot to us, while it was from your and our countries. The nuts are from our children’s garden, from California, cut out of a bush.

With love,

(Can’t quite make out the name). It looks like the same signature as next postcard, being J.A. Kroeker


Neville, Sask. January 3, 1913

Dear siblings,

we received your third issue of the year, where the last issue from the 27th was.

The other side of this card is also from January 1st. We were on the way to Zorzelka but it was too windy, so we drove only two miles, then we turned and drove home.

J. A. K.

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