Values Sharing Circle

The intent of this values sharing circle activity is to develop community-of-interest consensus through storytelling and a “private voting technique” as described.

Values Sharing Circle Design
This is how the Values Sharing Circle is to be designed

This is the page with information about how the Values Sharing Circle (Inc.) works in a community-of-interest; how it is described and how it can be used – how versatile it is.

The values sharing circle is based on psychology philosopher Abraham Maslow, William Glasser (Psychiatrist), John Burton (Philosopher and expert on Conflict Resolution), and others. It is part of a 3-pronged social science participatory action research (PAR) methodology called triangulation; the results of which are accepted in most scientific research projects.

A Consent Form is also attached which I used to make application for social science research in Canada’s Arctic when I completed my thesis “Bridging Restorative Justice and Crime Prevention through Social Development” in 2004 at Royal Roads University in Victoria, British Columbia. The original values sharing circle idea was conceived by me for a social research assignment and I have ensured original copyright integrity by incorporating the concept.

The intent of this values sharing circle activity is to develop values consensus through storytelling and a “private voting technic” so described in attached instructions and videos.

Attached are the following for informational purposes only:

Values Sharing Circle Forum Framework

Values Sharing Circle Voting Simulation & How it Works

Values Sharing Circle Youth & Minors as Participants

Values Sharing Circle Voting Forum Introduction using Seniors as an Example.

Description of Values Project.

Values to Use in Values Sharing Circle and Voting Simulation

Valuing Needs Detailed List.

Needs Identity Chart

Sample Forum Values Agenda.

Future Search Cafe Assumptions Guidelines.

Participant Story Release Consent Form.

Boundary Trails Health Centre Seniors Proposal Power Point Presentation.

Video Values Sharing Circle used in Participatory Action Research Triangulation & How it Works.

Video Explaining Sharing Circle Voting Simulation.

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